The Enterprise science has some explaining to do...
Is it because you only feel movement below light speed, or is it that the Federation has come up with sciences that have nullified the movement of the ship incredibly, but the Enterprise D doesn't seem to be moving except for that small jolt when they go into warp speed, or when they get hit. This and many other glitches or unexplained tidbits are in TNG series.  Do you think these are bad graphics, or unexplained science. To discuss, listen , or post your ideas please go to the Forum page . Please I would love to here your thoughts on the matter.

Our favorite is the one where they phase to pass through an asteroid. As they go through the asteroid, there is no rock wall coming at them in the ship even as they move through the rock. Though you can phase stuff, you can't phase space, or you wouldn't be able to talk about two differently phased objects moving through the same space.

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